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Starting a Quiz

What Makes a Good Quiz?

Many factors contribute to a successful quiz. We look at the four main components and many different elements that contribute to making a great quiz for your venue and for the players.

How Long Should A Quiz Run?

The duration and timing of a quiz are critical components of its success—not too short and definitely not too long. We look at some tricks for scheduling and running your quiz event.

What Prizes Do I Offer?

What sort of average prizes are offered? We examine what to offer and how to structure your prizes for the best effect, lowest cost, and most impact.

What Night of the Week?

There is a lot to consider here! We take a look at the most popular nights for a regular quiz and the variables that are involved in this decision.

Running a Fundraising or Team-building Quiz

A quiz is a great way to support your fundraising cause. But there are a lot of different elements to raising money, as well as tips and tricks to running a good quiz.

What Setup is Required?

The setup required for a quiz will vary, but in most cases your quiz supplier will assist with determining what is required.

Already Running a Quiz?

Making Your Regular Quiz Work

There are many variables at play on a quiz night. We look at some of the key areas of focus if your venue is looking to get more out of your existing quiz.

Top Tips For Running A Quiz

In addition to the many recommended practices that we have covered, we highlight here a few simple procedures that can be put in place to ensure that your quiz is compliant and operating effectively.

Qwizard Support

Subscriber-Only Content

Subscribers can access training videos and documents, and general resources to support their Qwizard events. Enter your email address to unlock the support material.

Running A Qwizard Event – Getting Started

This instructional video summarises the steps for hosts to get started and register teams for a quiz event using the Qwizard platform.

Running A Qwizard Event – Playing The Quiz

This instructional video summarises, for hosts, the playing and scoring phase of running a quiz event using the Qwizard platform.


Get a better understanding of the technical side of the program and learn about Qwizard's built-in safety features to gain full confidence in using the system.

Using Qwizard Results

The use of live scoring and online results is a unique Qwizard feature. It is important that the host can explain all of these features to help to engage the teams.

Host Tips

Being familiar with all of these tips will ensure that hosts get the maximum benefit from the Qwizard system.

Venue Tips

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