What Makes a Good Quiz?


Lots of small factors contribute to making a successful quiz. These factors could be grouped into general categories relating to the quiz content and format, the structure and duration of the quiz, the venue and setup, and finally, the quiz host.

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Four Main Components

1. The Quiz

Balanced content The content of a quiz should be, over time, balanced in terms of subject matter and difficulty. Not too hard, yet not too easy.

Consistent format The format should be clear and predictable and run at a consistent pace.

Engagement A good quiz should include plenty of laughs and light moments, catering for serious quiz teams and casual quiz teams. A good host will engage with both.

[Note that because the Qwizard format provides full visibility on results, the creators of our quizzes become experts at knowing how to create a quiz at an optimal level of difficulty].

2. Duration

Length The maximum time for a regular quiz event should be two and a half hours. The venue and host should agree on what time they want the quiz to finish.

Start and finish Always start at the advertised time. The pace of the quiz should be consistent and finish at approximately a set time.

Tracking of time Hosts should apply quarter and half-time triggers to track their progress.

Breaks Scheduled breaks should be clearly communicated to the players and the venue staff.

Scoring The host needs to have a strong process around collecting and marking answer sheets.

3. Setup

Screen visibility Uninterrupted views of a single large screen or a network of multiple screens is critical.

Seating Ideally, some flexibility exists in the seating arrangements for teams, in terms of table sizes, table types and location. A nice tight setup creates a degree of intimacy and is preferable to a spread-out quiz.

Audio The quiz audio should be set at an appropriate level for the audience – ideally the host should have the ability to turn the music on and off and control the volume.

Test The quiz setup should be tested during the afternoon of the quiz, including an on-screen and audio test.

Documented process The process for setting up and commencing the quiz should be documented for others.

Staffing The venue should be adequately resourced to take orders and handle food and drink demands – especially at the start of the quiz and during any scheduled drinks breaks.

4. The Host

Arguably, the most important element of a good quiz is the host. Many attributes are required from a quiz host:

Conscientious Reliable, punctual and prepared – ideally, reviewing the quiz content beforehand.

Compliant Always following the venue’s instructions.

Assist with the setup The responsibility for the setup of the quiz may vary, but these roles need to be clear.

Help with marketing Highlighting to the teams any quiz specials that may be running.

Flexible Creating an atmosphere that is suitable for all teams.

Accommodating Avoid arguments by accommodating feedback and applying discretion on team queries or disputes. A quick Google search and clear decision may be necessary.

Consistent Be consistent with how issues are treated.

Manage cheating Have a process to manage cheating – using regular reminders of the rules and being vigilant.

Create a fun atmosphere Create a lively and fun event with a focus on the results, using Qwizard’s live on-screen results to create a vibrant and competitive event.

Positive Providing positive feedback for as many teams as possible. Highlighting poor results should be avoided.

Personable Know and use team names where possible and, over time, get to know and connect with individual players.


All of these attributes will create an enjoyable quiz and one that encourages regular attendance and attracts new teams. If any are missing the quiz may suffer. Venues should perform a regular review to check that each key element is present, or to understand what may be letting them down.

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