What Setup is Required?


At most venues, the setup required to run a quiz is nice and simple. Only occasionally does it require an audiovisual specialist.

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The first step is assessing the required setup to meet the venue and the expected demand best. From here, one of the following setup solutions can be implemented.

[The Qwizard format can be played off a computer screen, plugged into the television screen or network, or from an app that is cast to the big screen(s). Qwizard recommends the app-based solution for the optimal experience for the host and the players.]

Setup options

The required setup for most venues will fall into four types:

  • Single TV

This requires a simple Chromecast connection for the app version or an HDMI lead for the computer-based solution. The audio will be provided by the single TV.

  • Multiple TV’s

As per the single TV option, but with the addition of an HDMI splitter to share the signal. The HDMI splitter will involve a single input and an output leading to each screen. Again, the audio will be delivered by the TV’s.

  • Projector

This setup is similar to the single TV setup, whereby a single HDMI input is required for the Chromecast or the HDMI lead. In some cases, an audio extractor can be placed between the input and the projector to separate and amplify the audio.

  • Networked TV setup

This setup, usually present at larger venues, requires a proper assessment and may often require technical assistance to locate a spare HDMI input and audio source on the existing network.


Your quiz supplier will generally provide some guidance about your setup and help determine whether a simple solution is available or technical assistance is required.

[Qwizard assists with the setup at each new quiz venue – helping to define the setup requirements and providing assistance, either directly or through facilitation.]

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