Top Tips For Running A Quiz


To track the performance of your quiz there is a need to have systems in place that provide visibility on its compliance. There is also a need to ensure that your host is helping you with your objectives.

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Measuring and Monitoring

Venue management should have visibility on some of the variables around the structure and format of your quiz:

  • Did your quiz start on time?
  • Did the quiz finish approximately when it was scheduled to finish?
  • Was there a scheduled drinks break?
  • Was there any relevant feedback from the teams?

Host Messaging

Based on the fact that the quiz host is engaged by the venue they should be instructed to assist with any key messages on behalf of the venue:

  • Promote the Quiz Night Special or other on-screen adverts
  • Generally, encourage consumption
  • Deliver any other messages as instructed
  • Try to get a commitment from teams to return for future events
  • Explain the full features of the quiz to develop engagement

Booking System

Establish a specific booking system for your quiz events. Collect as much relevant information as possible about your quiz teams and create a register of bookings after each quiz for the following event. This task can be delegated to the staff or the host. A follow-up may be required during the week. This also ensures that you can forecast the demand and ensure staff levels are adequate.

And Lastly, Some Sundry Tips

  • Always get your staff to run a test during the afternoon to ensure everything is ready to go
  • Plan your quiz schedule and communicate it clearly e.g. seasonal start and stop dates, or any holiday breaks
  • Track attendances and spend at your events so you can respond to changes
  • If the metrics change, initiate a marketing campaign or some small changes to the format or quiz adverts to positively influence things

[Qwizard tracks key quiz statistics and frequently reports quiz attendance data to venues. Marketing campaigns can also be initiated using team email addresses.]

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