As with any technology-based platform, disruptions can occur. The Qwizard app has been designed with built-in functions to handle such disruptions and give the host full confidence.

Safety Features

It is important to remember that the Qwizard app is designed to store its current ‘state’ as the quiz progresses. This means that at any time, you can log out and back in and resume casting in the same position – with all data retained. This ‘state’ will only change when a new quiz is issued to your account.


Always ensure that you can see the Chromecast scenic images or Google TV homepage on the TV screen before casting. This indicates that the Chromecast is set to go. You must also ensure that your device is on the same Wi-Fi signal as your Chromecast.

A slow or delayed response to your instructions usually indicates a poor Wi-Fi signal. If this continues, try to position your device or the Chromecast closer to the Wi-Fi router or turn your device off and on and try again.

Wi-Fi Disruptions

Once your quiz is running it is usually just a Wi-Fi disruption that will prevent smooth running. Although rare, it is important to understand the options to overcome any issue. The most likely scenario is a brief Wi-Fi blip or drop-off. This will cause some latency between the app and your screen(s) or a brief delay before the screen ‘catches up’ with your instruction.

Other behaviours may require some interventions:

Scenario 1

A more serious Wi-Fi disruption may cause a longer delay on the screen, an image to be lost, a video not to play, or the screen to get stuck for a prolonged period.

In this case, you can attempt to prompt the connection using the NEXT button or the SEARCH function. When it reconnects, the Chromecast may ask you to reselect the Chromecast code.

Scenario 2

In some more extreme cases, the best way to resurrect the casting connection is to choose ‘Cast’ and stop casting. Once you have the prerequisite Chromecast scenic images on screen you can select ‘Cast’ again to resume casting your quiz. All of your quiz data will be retained.

Scenario 3

If the screen gets ‘stuck’ on a particular question and will not respond, then use the CLEAR CACHE button under the Tools section to clear the connection. Once you log back in, you can resume casting.

A similar option for a screen that is ‘stuck’ is to unplug your Chromecast momentarily before resuming.

[Note that the CLEAR CACHE option will simply break the connection with your TV screen and allow you to resume, while the RESET QUIZ option will clear any data – which will then need to be re-entered].

ImpactSuggested Response
Scenario 1Casting delay, non-responseUse NEXT or SEARCH as a prompt
Scenario 2Prolonger delayRe-Cast
Scenario 3‘Stuck’ screenCLEAR CACHE, or re-plug Chromecast


Remember, it is not advisable to panic your teams. In most cases, a Wi-Fi disruption will barely be apparent to the audience.

Most of these scenarios are unlikely. Just remember that an easy fix is generally available. Being familiar with these issues will give the host confidence to handle any situation.

[Note that if you elect to plug a computer into your TV screen using an HDMI cable, you will be reliant on the internet connection but not the Wi-Fi to send the signal. (The computer’s connection to the internet could be either via a plug to the router or via Wi-Fi.)]

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