What Night of the Week?


Choosing the best night of the week for your venue and the players is vital. There is a strong temptation to run your quiz on your quietest night, but this doesn’t always suit your quiz players. You will need to consider what other quizzes are running in your area. If you elect to compete with other venues on the same night, your quiz needs a strong point of difference to succeed.

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Popular Quiz Nights

In terms of nights in NZ, the most popular night of the week is Wednesday, with about 35%. This is followed by Tuesday, with about 30%.

You may be tempted to run on a Monday since it is your quietest night. Monday quizzes account for about 15% of the market, but our statistics show that a Monday quiz will be more variable in terms of attendance. It is more likely to be affected by weekend events and holidays.

A Thursday night quiz, at about 10%, can suffer from similar fluctuations in attendance and is more likely to be competing with other external influences.

However, clear evidence shows that Tuesday or Wednesday quizzes are more likely to attract consistent crowds who make a quiz their weekly ritual.

Additionally, many smaller venues try to run fortnightly or monthly. In doing so, you are more likely to attract a variable crowd.

Add A Night For Fundraisers

Consider offering fundraising or one-off quizzes to the public on your quiet Monday night. Design a set package to offer to clubs, businesses and other organisations. You arrange the quiz and presentation; they supply the patrons!

Measuring What Works

At Qwizard, we measure attendance and other statistics over time. If you are trying different techniques to improve numbers, we can measure the success of these strategies. We also measure the ‘churn’ of quiz teams, which provides a gauge of whether teams are playing regularly, or the event is attracting new teams. If your churn is too low, you can invest in marketing to a wider audience, whilst if it is too high, then the event itself may not be engaging enough to develop ongoing and consistent support.

Of course, some venues behave differently, depending on their location and patronage. Some well-established quizzes have already overcome these issues. But if you are planning a new quiz, considering all these factors will give you a better chance of success.

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