Running a Fundraising or Team-building Quiz


Quizzes are a very effective method of raising money for your cause or for a fun team-building event for your organisation.

Many venues will accept bookings for one-off quizzes without passing on any costs. They may, however, offer particular dates only and stipulate a minimum number of players.

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Fundraising Options

Revenue can be generated from various sources:

  • Selling tickets – An individual entry fee of around $10 per player is common, or something like $60 per team
  • Selling answers – Offering teams stickers to place alongside particular answers, meaning the quiz host will mark them correct. These stickers are commonly sold for $2 per sticker. A limit of 1 or 2 per round is common to preserve the competitive element of the quiz.
  • Selling raffle tickets – These can be drawn during a round break later in the quiz
  • Running an auction – Again these can be easily scheduled to run between rounds
  • Auctioning off key members of your club or organisation to the teams to ‘beef up’ their team

Other Tips

It is a good idea to have a portable EFTPOS terminal available to access all fundraising opportunities alongside an established cash float.

Many other activities can be included to add some fun, such as a heads-or-tails coin toss, the best team name, and the funniest answers.

Quiz Format

Qwizard supplies tailored quizzes for one-off events – personalised in terms of the question content and difficulty. We can even accommodate some of your own questions or themed events. The quizzes typically involve 6 rounds, which take about 90 minutes of quizzing time. Add an estimate for your additional activities to this to establish a total duration.

The benefits of Qwizard’s live on-screen scoring system are amplified at these events when most of the teams are familiar with each other. The host should engage teams in the on-screen results to create a vibrant event.

To assist with the running of your quiz, it is preferable to have teams identified first and, if possible, team names. This assists with the registration process. Leaving your player to arrange their own teams is often a difficult and time-consuming process.

Lastly, ensure that your host has a clear idea of your needs and can run the event according to your instructions. He or she should also help promote any raffles or other fundraising activities according to the customer’s instructions.

Ask Qwizard which existing venues are well equipped to accommodate your needs or ask for our help in setting up your own venue.

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