We have asked Qwizard players to identify the correct spelling for the hardest 45 words in the English language. The questions are represented as multi-choice, with three wrong answers delivered alongside the correct spelling.

Quiz teams have proved to be relatively good at spelling. Having someone who can spell in your pub quiz team is a real asset. Over the 45 questions the average correct score is 75.1%.

Some of the hardest words feature in scientific fields and are therefore less commonly known. But plenty of common words feature on the list.

We have omitted a few place words that were also poorly spelt – such as Ihumatao (36.4%), Pyeongchang (58.3%) and Liechtenstein (63.8%).

Note that the word with the poorest score is the economic term ‘heterskedasticity’. This word can be spelt as with a ‘c’ instead of a ‘k’, but that was not presented as a multi-choice option.

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