Results from 2022

Qwizard keeps the score!

In 2022 we used 17,140 different questions. We recorded 574,610 total answers, for an average of 33.5 answers per question. Across the year 359,370 or 62.5% of these answers were judged as being correct. That’s perfectly inside our target rate – not too hard, not too easy. Meanwhile, our current questions only slightly deviated from this with an average of 62.7%.

Across our 6 core categories, Sport was the lowest at 59.3%, History recorded 60.7%, BusinessPolitics 61.0%, Geography 62.2%, EntertainmentArt 63.8% and ScienceNature came in at 65.8%.

Of the 75 topics that were used at least 50 times, only Economics and Nobel Prizes dipped below 51%. While Children’s Literature was well out in front at the other end at above 75.5%.

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