How to maximise your quiz returns…

We have developed, for subscribers, a list of 10 key items to help you maximise the financial returns from your quiz event. We believe this plan could allow you to double the returns from your regular quiz event. The programme is based around the answers to 5 simple questions.

  • 1. Do you run a quiz event special, and is it working hard?
  • 2. Are your event prizes adding value?
  • 3. Is the QuizMaster and the quiz format working for you?
  • 4. Are you engaging players in the quiz results?
  • 5. Are you earning new, repeat customers?

The programme will allow new quiz subscribers to achieve the best returns from the outset – or for existing events, to evaluate how they are performing and implement some valuable changes. Just because you have a busy quiz event doesn’t indicate a good financial outcome. How much are players spending? What are they spending it on? Are you seeing them again?

Email us to receive a copy of the 10-point quiz plan. It’s free – mainly because it will show you how valuable the Qwizard format could be for your business!

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